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Curbside Service Instructions
  • Call us at 919-267-9315 to setup a drop-off appointment for your pet – let us know at that time that you want to do so using oru Curbside Service

  • Upon arrival, please park in one of the spaces located in front of the building

  • Display a Curbside Service Flyer in your windshield (you may print one below or pick one up from our hospital in advance) to alert us of your presence

  • Ensure that your pet is securely crated/leashed for safe handling

  • Have paperwork completed (prior to drop off time) and ready for the assistant – all necessary paper work is available below – please fill out a Curbside Service History form and either a regular drop-off form OR a anesthesia/sedation drop-off form (this form is for pets that will be having surgery or a sedated procedure that day)


Reminder: Please remember that all surgeries, sedated procedures, abdominal ultrasounds, and lab work requires fasting. This means no food after midnight but you may offer water up until the time of your appointment. If you have fasted your pet, please bring their food so we may offer it as soon as the necessary procedures have been completed.


All required forms are provided below, if you have them completed ahead of time then we will be able to check your pet in faster.  We are also happy to email or mail these forms to you as well.

1) Curbside Service Flyer (to put in your windshield upon arrival, please print in color)

2) Curbside Service History


3) Drop-off Form, General OR Anesthesia/Sedation and Drop Off consent form.

To better serve our clients and their pets, All 4 Paws Animal Hospital is now offering Curbside Service!

We understand that having a car full of children or a physical disability can make it difficult to get errands done that require getting in and out of your vehicle, and we are here to help! For your convenience, you now have the option of dropping your pet off curbside for no additional charge where  a team member will come out to your car to admit your pet. Please call ahead anytime to make a curbside drop off reservation for your pet.

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